Troubleshooting and Maintenance Method of PEW Jaw Crusher

Troubleshooting and Maintenance Method of PEW Jaw Crusher

PEW Jaw Crusher wide applied for mining industry, roads construction, railways and other industries as a primary crushing equipments, its Troubleshooting and Maintenance Method play an important role for a larger mining projects. then we analyze the machine work in common fault and treatment.

Troubleshooting and Maintenance Method

(1) Since the tubing or parts of crusher blockage caused by oil groove to the oil system, oil pressure increases, and the temperature of the oil bearing and return a corresponding rise in approach are: to immediately stop the crusher operation, cleaning tubing and crushers Part of the oil groove;

(2) the filter is higher than the pressure of the cooling water to the oil system oil pressure or cooling water pipes to the oil leaks cause water to enter the system, to solve such problem is: control the cooling water pressure is lower than the pressure to the oil system At least 0.05Mpa; routine should always check the cooling water pipe, timely repair leaks;

(3) E-bore liner slack lead to broken plate jitter, issued metal crash. Workaround: Stop crusher, check lining fixing case, a hammer fixed wedge on the side walls, so that it is fully squeezed, then tighten the fixing screws on the wedge and the liner or replace a support plate movable jaw broken slats ;

(4) lack of tension spring or damage caused by wear and tear or support pads have a great relaxation, which led to the thrust plate supporting generate a crash pad, solution: stop crusher, adjust the pressing force of the spring, change the spring or support pad, fastening support pad;

(5) can not be broken metal strayed crusher or broken link repurchased British Gas strong splitting sound, resulting in moving jaw stop swinging, continue rotating flywheel, front and rear swing link, rod spring relaxation. Solution: Replace the thrust plate, rod repair;

(6) pulley or flywheel key relaxation or damage caused by violent swings flywheel eccentric shaft rotation slowed down. Workaround: Stop crusher, replacement keys, correct keyway.