MTW series trapezium grinding mill applied for concrete solutions

MTW series trapezium grinding mill applied for concrete solutions

concrete solutions Production Line machines including as follows:

concrete solutions production line usually consists of jaw crusher, bucket elevator composition, electromagnetic vibrating feeder, milling host, auxiliary equipment, blower, centrally electric control and other equipment. According to the needs of users can choose the host mill production line configuration XZM ultrafine grinding or MTW series trapezium grinding mill. The following overpressure trapezium mill as an example to introduce my company mill production line.


Friest of all, concrete raw Material after  PEW SERIES jaw crusher by the bucket lifting machine to the storage silo, the material feeder can evenly and continuously to the host polished. Milled powder blown separator under the action of the blower sorting. After sorting materials by pipeline to the storage silo, and finally through the outlet valve output is finished. The entire production line work process pressure is negative. First, the air blown by the blower along with the powder material through the conduit into the upper part of the storage silo cyclone collector by the return air duct return blower, forming an air recycling. Second, the powder collector with the bottom lock powder device, its role is positive pressure gas outside the negative pressure gas and powder collector isolated, greatly improving the yield. Again, the bottom of the host residual air and dust through the pipe is sent to the bag filter to filter dust and other debris is adsorbed bag filter, the purified air is discharged to the outside world, the effective protection of the environment.

Concrete solutions production line MTW SERIES MILL advantages:

High degree of automation, the entire production line in addition to equipment and routine maintenance of the boot down, almost no manual operation. Its production of high efficiency, low operating cost, high yield, high-yield, finished stones uniform size, grain shape is good, the national high-speed material requirements.