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European type jaw crusher FAQ while mine crushing plant in Thailand

European type jaw crusher FAQ while mine crushing plant in Thailand

European type jaw crusher FAQ while mine crushing  plant in Thailand

Liming heavy industry designed mobile jaw crusher, European type jaw crusher, jaw crusher pe600x900, jaw crusher pe1000x1200 series and so on, they are widely applied for gypsum, clay, cretaceous, dolomite, mica, illite, pyrophyllite, vermiculite, sepiolite, attapulgite, pareto stone, alum, fluorite mining industry. However, there will be many questions in the iron crushing processing.

Traditional jaw crusher’s main structure is similar from the rack, eccentric shaft, pulley, wheel side guard, elbow board, adjusting screw gap, the reset spring, fixed jaw plate, movable jaw plate and other components. European version jaw crusher crushing way for music moving extrusion type. When the jaw crusher failure, change how to handle it?

European type jaw crusher FAQ while crushing the iron crushing plant in Thailand

1. the repair and replacement of board seats and thrust plate. Tip and seat are subject to wear, can be surfacing, and then processing, spraying, brush and a series of processes to be repaired. But the thrust plate once broken, generally difficult to repair, a timely replacement of the thrust plate, but the combined thrust plate is damaged, remove the plate head can continue to use.

2. the repair complex tilting movable jaw (Jane tilting rod). Spring rod hook broken, cracked or local overload fracture, bore wear is common in complex activities pendulum jaw crusher jaw broken form. However, the activities of the jaw after damage can not simply replace, but should be promptly repaired. Jaw crusher movable jaw assembly including bore hole mounting hole mounting rolling bearings and bushings babbitt. Worn bushings, bushings replaced with a spare, replace the bushings for repair or re-re-casting. For bearing wear through the inner bore hole patching and repair casement two methods.

3.repair cracks and broken jaw activities (link). Incorrect operation and the quality of relations will usually result in the activities and a simple swing jaw cracks and broken links. Common metal buckle to resolve legitimate activities of the jaw (link) of the crack problem. Once broken, it should be in the weld welding ribs, to ensure safe use.

4. repair broken spring rod hooks. Because the course of casting defects, such as fatigue, overload, lever hooks easily broken. With SMAW welding repair steel jaw; while the movable jaw can be inlaid with iron hooks for repairs.

5. repair eccentric shaft and bearings. Bearing in jaw crusher often appear eccentric shaft and bearing wear. Axis bending too large, fatigue fracture, eccentric journal and the journal section is eccentric shaft wear badly worn two common problems. If the journal minor damage or wear, you can manually pull the emery grinding mill or repair, the more serious damage can only be scrapped axis or the axis used for other purposes.

6., repair jaw plate and side liners. Side of the multi-cast steel liner. Typically jaw plate, side liner wear to 3 / 5:00 should be replaced, repaired by welding method jaw plate and the liner replaced. Jaw generally made of high manganese steel, the purpose is to improve the wear resistance and impact resistance. Cast in the jaw plate surface triangular tooth surface, in order to improve the crushing force, reducing the particle size. When the jaw working for some time, tooth is polished, can be up, down head use.

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