Beneficiation equipment hydraulic cone crusher FAQ overview

Beneficiation equipment hydraulic cone crusher FAQ overview

Beneficiation equipment hydraulic cone crusher FAQ overview

In generally speaking, Liming heavy industry designed three types of cone crushers which including spring cone crusher, cs series cone crusher, hydraulic cone crusher and mobile cone crusher. There are many using rules of cone crusher machines.

Carried on before the start of cone crusher check and make sure everything is normal, according to the following procedure starting cone crusher.

Beneficiation equipment hydraulic cone crusher FAQ overview

1. check the hydraulic pump maintained at 0.8 to 1.5 kg / 2cm, which result in pressure is too high to avoid the accident. Second, the cooling water is lower than the oil pressure 0.5 kg / 2cm, to prevent water infiltration oil.

2.start the pump and make it operate normally for 3-5 minutes, then start the cone crusher. When the cone crusher idle for 1-2 minutes and displays all normal, the starting feeder.

3. the operator should be strictly in accordance with the work program, the ore from the sub-feed pan evenly fed into the crushing chamber, not only from the side of the ore fed into the crushing chamber, while the feed size should also be controlled within the specified range. During this operation should pay attention first, uniform feeding. Avoid overworking the machine, causing the movable cone and fixed cone liner was worn, reducing the equipment production capacity, product size is not uniform. Second, the row of ore. Disposal must be reasonable ore port of discharge, if the accumulation of a large area of ​​the port of discharge may lead ore movable conical be jacked up to a major accident. When they find Pai mine mouth clogged, immediately stop, fast processing.

4. the operator should periodically check the wear condition of the port of discharge, adjust its size to ensure that tertiary cone crusher product size, increase production capacity and increase returns.

5. we should regularly check the functioning of the insurance spring, found a spring tightness is normal, but often support ring jump, will have to check the specific reasons, can not take a single method of tightening the spring. To check whether the uniform to the mining, port of discharge is the right size, with or without wet ore block, etc. exist.

6. cone crusher stop order. Boot with cone crusher, contrary to the first stop to the mining machine, to be discharged all the ore crushing cavity, and then crushing the motor stops, the last stop pump.

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