Requirements of jaw crusher PE1000*12000 Manufacturing

Requirements of jaw crusher PE1000*12000 Manufacturing

For the manufacturing and processing machinery and equipment has been a country defined industry standards to maintain order, jaw crusher is no exception, simply, jaw crusher manufacturing requirements are the following:

1. Quality requirements

Production and manufacturing jaw crusher to be consistent with the quality standards of basic parameters, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules, marking, packaging, transportation and storage, etc., to ensure that the manufacturer, but also in line with the jaw crusher should comply with the requirements of the standard, according to prescribed procedures approved by the drawings and technical documents manufacture. In addition, the bearing should have good sealing against dust means lubricated friction surfaces should be dust control measures, parts of the same model specifications jaw crusher should be interchangeable.

2. The environmental requirements

With the increasingly serious environmental problems, the principle of independent innovation for industrial development made further requirements, so jaw crusher equipment manufacturers must pay attention to the production process of energy utilization, do their best to reduce energy consumption, to achieve Green.

3. Appearance Requirements

Exterior jaw crusher requirements are very strict, there should be no visible irregularities first visual phenomenon, crusher rack welding surface should be smooth. Secondly, the host processing surface should not nap, bumps and corrosion phenomena. In the packaging paint, its rust rating of not less than GB / T 8923-1988 in St2 requirements.

Jaw crusher manufacturing requirements of strict and complicated procedures, but users still need to worry about the time of purchase and comparing several manufacturers, are manufactured in strict accordance with the general requirements of production when large manufacturers, product quality is reliable, and will provide a sound service.