Output 100 ton per hour gold ore dressing process

Output 100 ton per hour gold ore dressing process

Material: gold ore

Production: 100 TPH

HPT production line equipment: primary jaw crusher, cone crusher, mineral processing equipment, belt feeding machine, ball mill and so on.

1, the raw material by vibrating feeder evenly feeding to the jaw crusher.

2 through the bottom of the jaw crusher, crushing the material of conveyor belt conveyor for jaw crusher.

After 3, crushing the material through the conveyor conveying to the cone crusher broken, broken by conveyor to vibrating screen for screening after filtering

4, screening qualified particle size of ore material through conveyor into the bin, do not conform to the particle size of ore by the material feed conveyor after crushing work until the granularity of qualified to enter again.

5, lower part of the electromagnetic vibration feeding evenly send mine for ball mill grinding, grinding into classifier in mineral aggregate gradation, mineral aggregate into the centrifuge separation again after classification, after the separation of mineral aggregate into the mixing barrel, and then through stirring barrels into the table to select screening, resulting in pure gold.