HPT Cone crusher shale brick production line Application Notes

HPT Cone crusher shale brick production line Application Notes

Cone crusher shale brick production line Application Notes

Shale is a sedimentary rock formed in standing water environments, after a long period of sediment deposition, so often found in lakes, river deltas, the continental shelf in the ocean is also the formation of shale, shale often contain ancient fossils of plants and animals. Sometimes there are fossil footprints of animals, and even traces of ancient raindrops are likely to be preserved in shale, its complex composition, but having a thin sheet-like or jointed sheet layer mainly formed of clay deposited by the pressure and temperature of rock , but mixed with quartz, feldspar debris and other chemicals, depending on the composition of the mix which can be divided into: calcareous shale, iron shale, siliceous shale, carbonaceous shale, black pages rock, oil shale and other shale which could be iron ore, oil shale can be extracted from oil, black oil shale can be used as an indication of the formation.

New jaw crusher, impact crusher, CS series cone crusher and vertical mill, high pressure mill, ultrafine mill is a very good crushing equipment and milling equipment, crushing and milling shale brick as a very good application and effect.
A cone crusher include hydraulic cone crusher, spring cone crusher, they can be broken hardness of 1.5 to 3 shale stone, shale after primary crushing and secondary crushing process jaw crusher and impact crusher, and enter to the cone crusher for tertiary crushing machine, you can get the products customers need granularity.


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