How to solve the troubleshoot problems of Impact Crusher

How to solve the troubleshoot problems of Impact Crusher

In the stone crushing plants production line, impact crusher plays a very important “role.” In the crushing process, driven by the motor, the high-speed rotation of the rotor, the material into, and the impact on the rotor hammer crusher, and then be countered to the liner broken again, and finally from the discharge port. Sometimes, crusher Troubleshooting Problems also occur, such as found crusher (crusher) abnormal vibration: 1, indicating that the material is too large, you can check the size of the feed. 2, uneven wear, indicating the need to replace the hammer counterattack, 3, rotor imbalance, need to be adjusted 4, basic handled properly, need to check the anchor bolts and reinforcement.

If the Impact crusher bearing fever: 1, instructions bearing oil, the need for timely refueling, of course, also cause excessive bearing heating fuel, be sure to check the oil level 2, the bearing damage when refueling, to the timely replacement bearings 3, cover too tight, to regulate the bolt, an appropriate degree is appropriate.

If the crusher belt flip: 1, indicating belt wear, replace the belt 2, belt transmission assembly because the problem, the need to adjust the pulleys on the same plane 3, must pay attention to the quality of belt itself.

If the impact crusher discharge size is too large: 1, indicating hammer wear, the need to replace 2 or busy tone hammer, hammer and the back plate of the gap is too large, generally adjusted to 15-20mm3, feed particle size is too large also affect the particle size.

Liming Company produce the Impact crusher which can handle particle size of not more than 500mm, not more than 350 MPa compressive strength of various ore materials (granite, limestone, basalt, etc.). With a crushing ratio, high efficiency, easy maintenance and so on. Product cubic shape, particle size adjustable discharge, widely used in water and electricity, highways, railways, artificial aggregates,

construction and other industries.